Saturday, June 20, 2009

Saturday Morning Quilters

Our first Sewing Saturday as an 'unofficial' sewing group. Luz lives in an apartment complex and booked the Rec Room for our first meeting. It started a little rough as the facilities manager was MIA and did not open the doors until almost 9:00am instead of 8:00am. The beautiful room made up for the wait, there is a spacious open room with a kitchenette and media rooms off to the side (forgot to take pictures), we see quilting videos viewing and potlucks in the future!. I did take pictures of some of the ladies hard at work:
Here is Ann sewing strips for a lap quilt backing:
These two ladies are new members and beginner quilters, they had just signed up a week before our class was cancelled and Mickey, our instructor, did not turn them away, instead is teaching them on a volunteer basis.
This is Gloria, she is working on an applique Sun Bonnet Sue.
Sara, concentrating on cutting fabric

There are a few logistic matters that we need to work out as we now have to haul in sewing machines, extension cords, ironing boards, irons, etc, these items except for the sewing machines were always available in the class room and we now have to get used to bringing them with us, but we'll eventually get it going smooth. Overall, it went well, and although our next meeting is still not confirmed, I am looking forward to it.

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