Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - December 26th 2010

Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  196 yards
Fabric used this week:  0 yards
Fabric used YTD:  118 1/4 yards
Net used for 2010:  -67 3/4 yards

As I didn't really set a number of yards to be used, my real goal for 2010 was to hinder the impulsive buying and I accomplished it!  Ending on the negative side of stash busting is not a bad thing, I've had a productive year regardless of how many yards of fabric I bought or not.  The best product of this year was getting my own sewing room; it still is a work in progress and I'm sure it will continue to evolve as I figure what works and what doesn't. 

I've also had lots of fun this year with many mysteries, free patterns, great tutorials and just an amazingly inmense amount of talent and inspiration, but most importantly? getting to know many people on the internet quilting community.  I still have to work on being a little more friendly or rather being less shy.  I sometimes feel like a child on her first day of school and find myself taking peeks at others from behind my mother.  I'l work on my courage and will eventually get out completely and join the party.  

While I wait for the year end festivities to be done, (and while my sewing room is occupied by unexpected but welcomed company), I'll work on a list of goals for next year.  Oh, and while I wait for everyone in the house to wake up, I'll grab another cup of coffee and read lots of year end stash busting reports at

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - December 19th, 2010

Fabric added last two weeks:  43 yards (Christmas present to myself)
Fabric added YTD:  196 yards
Fabric used last two weeks:  1 1/4 yards
Fabric used YTD:  118 1/4 yards
Net used for 2010:  -67 3/4 yards

Here is a picture of what my 43 yards look like:
I took advantage of a recent clearance sale and scored all of the fabric at a great price, none of it was more than $2 a yard.  Also, most of these fabrics have an intended usage, pillowcases for donating.  I hope to get 50 pillowcases done in that many days, one a day seems doable if I cut and prepare the fabric in advance.  The two bolts are about 8 to 10 yards each, these are to be backings.

The 1 1/4 yard used?  That was my first cut for Ann Smith's 2010 New Year mystery; the fabric requirements and pre-sewing instructions have been posted, I plan on using these:
I should have the rest of the pieces cut today.
I have also been working on Bonnie's RRCB mystery and have clues 1,2 and 4 partially done, my favorite clue #3 is all done, I haven't taken pictures of the completed units but these are the fabrics I'm using:
Yes, I am a mystery quilt addict (my  2010 UFO Challenge post will attest for this) ; they are so much fun. There has only been one that I didn't like and didn't finish, the fabric is hiding in a box somewhere. Other than this one fluke, they have all been lots of fun, as a matter of fact, there were a few that I didn't do and I regret it.

Well, I think I've reported all that's been going on in my sewing room and quilting life for these last two weeks.  I'm going to get as much fabric cut this morning as I can possible can, my sewing room's door will be closed later this afternoon and probably won't be open until next Sunday. I have an insanely busy week ahead and don't expect to have much time for sewing, but I plan to make up for it during the days between Holidays.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 UFO Challenge

Judy is hosting a UFO challenge for the new year, I'm in! While trying to get a list going, I realized that I don't have that many unfinished projects, what I do have is unfinished quilts. My count is 12 tops and 7 UFO's.  Planned, some day and on the wish list projects, well, that's a whole other challenge all together.  Anyhow, I plan on listing both types to work on, if a number without a project is chosen by Judy, then I'll have green light to start a new project, I have to get that UFO list started for the following year, right?  LOL.  
  Here is my list of unfinished quilts:
1. Blue & Green jewel box
2.  scrappy double four patch
3.  Purple nine patch
4.  Ann Smith summer mystery
5. Double delight 
6.  Bears in the farm house
 7. Fat quarter quilt 
 8.  scrappy stars
9.  June mystery 
10.  Planet patchwork mystery 
11. Little sister quilt 
12. Judy's mystery

For the UFO's, I'll have to dig in boxes to find them and take pictures. I should have it done before the new year.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday stash report - November 28th 2010

Fabric added this week:  1 yard (black & white fat eights pack)
Fabric added YTD:  153 yards
Fabric used this week:  9 1/2 yards
Fabric used YTD:  117 yards
Net used for 2010:  -26 yards

It's nice to have several days in a row for yourself, I've been home for 4 days and I've made great progress.  My connect the dots top is done, it finished at 74 1/2" by 92", the backing took 5 1/2 yards and another 3/4 yard for the binding and is all ready for layering and quilting.  My goal is to finish it in time for a Christmas present.  I also made a couple of pillowcases with 2 1/2 yards out and another 3/4 yard for a sewing machine mat.
This is a free pattern I found online, unfortunately the webpage's address did not print on the pattern, all I can find is "Sewing machine Thingie (copyright) pattern by Darla Keller". 

I also started working on roll-roll-cotton-boll mystery; almost all of step one is done and I started cutting for step two.  This is the project to work on for today, after reading other people's stash report  of course!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sunday stash report November 21st 2010

Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  152 yards
Fabric used this week:  2 yards - Connect the dots borders
Fabric used YTD:  107 1/2 yards
Net used for 2010:  -35 1/2 yards

Boy, I'm glad this week is over!  Despite every intention to have some progress in the sewing room, not much was accomplished.  These pillow cases were made a couple of weeks ago,
I wanted to make a companion apron  but the pattern I wanted to use decided to hide from me; two days wasted searching for it.  I figure if I stopped looking, it would show up later.  Ok, time to work on the next project; I put in a 2 1/2" pink border on the Connect the dots top, cut a 6 1/2" brown floral borders and made three pinwheels cornerstone blocks,

what??? three?? yeah Ms accountant here had 3 x 4 in her mind for the half square triangles instead of 4 x 4.  No problem, I had an extra 3 1/2" green strip; piecing another 4 patches should be quick.. NOT! I torn the room apart for the second time! I can't find that piece of fabric anywhere.  I suspect the fabric and apron pattern ran away together, what other explanation is there?  I bet the minute I finish piecing scraps together to make those patches, the ran aways will show up.  Jeezzzzz.....

Also, the first clue for Bonnie's new mystery has been posted; I'm not starting just yet as her color way is also green, pink and brown which I'm kind of tired of after the connect the dots top.  Lucky for me (and while searching for the missing items) I found a great vintage piece of fabric with red, aqua (turquoise), yellow, black and white.  I have most of the colors except for a true bright red, I see a shopping trip in my near future.  If I can't squeeze a trip to the store today, it will have to wait until after Thanksgiving.  Speaking of, I have a grocery list to complete, better get off the computer now.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - November 14th 2010

Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  152 yards
Fabric used this week:  3 yards - 2 pillowcases
Fabric used YTD:  105 1/2 yards
Net used for 2010:  -37 1/2 yards

I feel like I sewed a lot this week but don't have anything substantial to show for it.  I made  two pillowcases for my friend's birthday gift last Sunday, they will be photographed when I finish the apron I plan to make and include with the gift.  I continued to make blocks for Connect the dots to make it a 6 x 8 block layout; just to make it a little bigger than Judy's original design. It took me all morning yesterday to finish the top.  I'm happy with the results:

The next step is to decide what to do about borders as I ran out of the green and background fabric, there is still plenty of the pink and the brown floral, so I'm thinking a thin pink inner border followed by a 6 1/2" floral border with pinwheel cornerstones (I made extra green and cream half square triangles, enough for 4 pinwheel blocks).  Another option is to find a similar green and use that instead of the pink, there seems to be too much pink on the top already.  While I'm letting these ideas brew for a bit, I'll continue to hand sew my New Year's mystery binding.  I may have a finished and freshly washed quilt on my bed by tonight.  I suppose I better get off this computer now. :-)

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Stash Report November 7th 2010

Fabric Added this week:  3 1/2  yards
Fabric Added YTD:  152 yards
Fabric Used this week:  6 yards - Patchworktimes Connect the dots Mystery
Fabric Used YTD:  102 1/2 yards
Net Used for 2010:  -40 1/2 yards

This week was somewhat slow in the sewing room, I sewed the binding on the Mystery quilt, all it's left to do is hand sew the binding to the back and bury my quilting threads.
Even though I'm still working on getting the blocks finished, I'm counting 6 yards of fabric used since I already cut all the fabric for the Connect the dots mystery top
 I'm still considering what borders I would make for this top as the fabric I used may not be enough for Judy's pieced borders, but I may have enough for a border or two. 
The plan for today is to make an apron and a couple of pillowcases for a co-worker's belated birthday present; then the rest of the week will be dedicated to finishing my mystery blocks.  I'm also looking forward to getting enough time to pull fabrics for Bonnie's New mystery roll roll-cotton boll ,  it begins on Nov 19th and I'm very excited and eager to get started.  I'm also looking forward to Ann Smith's New Year's mystery; however, the fabric requirements have not been posted yet.  It's two months away, but I intent to be prepared for it.  I love quilting pattern mysteries!

Ooops, I almost forgot about the new stash fabric, just a few remnant pieces I picked up at Joann's last weekend.
 These pieces are intended for scrap quilting as they range from 10 in to half a yard in size. Just following Bonnie's advise, "Add new things to the old things to spice up the old if you need to".  There really wasn't a need, but it's fun.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday Stash Report October 31st, 2010

Fabric added last 2 weeks:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  148 1/2 yards
Fabric used last 2 weeks: 0 yards
Fabric used YTD:  96 1/2 yards
Net used for 2010:  -46 1/2 yards

Another two weeks have gone by and I didn't used stash fabric, well, that's not completely true as I did start cutting this fabric for Judy's L mystery quilt
I'll count it as used as soon as the top is done.  I completed clue #1 and started with clue #2,

not too bad as I decided to start with the mystery when the second clue was posted.  I had no intention of starting a new project, as a matter of fact, free motion quilting my New Year's mystery quilt was my current project, but I had to stop when I sewed my right hand middle finger to my quilt! Amazingly; pain was not the first thing my brain registered when it happened, it was the clunk and snap of the needle when it broke in two pieces after coming out of my finger... I'm ok now, a little sore but it's healing fine. The quilting is fine as well, finished even.

I've also been knitting, mostly in the vanpool on my way back home from work, the morning commute is about 1 hour but mostly dark when we are on the road.  The afternoon commute takes a little longer about an hour to 1 1/2 hours and that's when I knit.
This is a free pattern I picked up at either Joann's or Michael's.  It is also the first garment pattern I ever knit.  The yarn is an old acrylic skein from almost a decade ago, but I wanted to try it out before investing in a good quality natural fiber yarn.  I thought I wouldn't like knitting something with a "shape" but it's going ok, I'm liking it. 
Now, I need to get started or rather continue on with both the New Year's mystery quilt binding and Judy's new mystery, I hope to have it all done before the little peanut shows up at noon today.   I'll share my progress next week.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coming up for air

What a couple of weeks! Again, no stash usage to report,  I'm still working on getting the stash organized and confined to the new sewing room.

( It's a little slow going as we officially moved to the new facility at work and the commute  now takes an additional 3 hours of my time).  I keep finding boxes and bags with more fabric! sometimes duplicate cuts of the same fabric, I must of really liked it ;-). 

The positive side?  I'm figuring out what colors I have excess of, what colors need to be replenished and most importantly what fabric I no longer love or want.  This is very liberating,  even the magazine stash is getting an overhaul.  I've kept every issue of three different quilting magazines from as early as 2004, I think I want to keep 2 previous years and current issues (2008, 2009 and 2010), then I would be removing the oldest issue as soon as a new one comes in the mail, seems like a good plan to keep the magazine stash fresh and fitting  in their new allotted space.  I've also been trying to decide on a theme or color scheme, I want to make covers for (3) sewing machines and the serger, a table mat for each, a couple of thread catchers, valances for the window and seat covers or cushion for two chairs.  But why restrict myself to a color or theme?  I'll work in an assembly line and make a set for each holiday!  After all, I have enough fabric. LOL. 
Sounds like a good plan, It will help change the no stash used tune I've been singing for a while now.
For now, I'm taking an hour or so  to browse other quilting blogs over at Judy's   and see what other's have been up to this week.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - September 26th, 2010

Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  148 1/2 yards
Fabric used this week:  2 1/2 yards
Fabric used YTD:  96 1/2 yards
Net used for 2010:  -46 1/2 yards

Yesterday, I didn't have to babysit the little peanut until after noon so I attended my Saturday Morning quilters get-together.  Of course, I didn't have any on-going project at the ready and started something new.  I'm disappointed with the Scrap-Basket Surprises book I'm using,while I love almost all 18 of the projects in it, I don't like all the marking and waste method for creating those 45 degree angles. The "Quilts from 2 1/2 strips" sub-title is misleading, I assumed the patterns were strip sewing... that's was I get for not reading the actual  instructions.  Oh well, I still like the patterns very much and will at least try to finish the one started.

I'm still working on arranging and setting up the sewing room.  I have a lot of shoe boxes with mostly 1/2 hard cuts and odd sizes, this baker's rack is perfect for them.  I was considering taking the fabric out of the boxes, but they are already "contained", why mess with that?
Bigger pieces of  fabric are getting folded in a more uniform manner; I could then stack them on a bookcase I found at goodwill (brand-new unit for $14.99, the deal of the year!)  Here is a picture of some of my blues waiting for their new home.

Hopefully, I'll finish with organizing and arranging by next weekend.  Although this week will be as busy or even more than usual.  My sister is having her first chemo treatment on Monday, I'll make a trip to see her.  Things are starting to escalate at work and we now have a deadline for moving, our department is expected to be at the new location by next Monday.  I decided to try commuting for a little bit and see how it goes, we have a good possibility for a van-pool.  However, having to be in a car for 2 1/2 to 3 hours each day, even though I don't have to do the actual driving, is still going to be hard.  Hummmm, I should learn to hand quilt or applique.  There is always crochet and knitting too.  But for today, I'm taking it easy, read a few stash reports at Patchworktimes and organize that stash a little more.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sunday Stash Report September 19th 2010

Still no sewing around here, but some progress to report.  My new sewing room is ready to be occupied by my stash!.  New carpet, freshly painted walls and a beautiful base molding done by hubby.  The room is little, just 12' x 12' but it 's all mine!.

I've been trying to get all the stash out of the various closets and hiding places, Oh boy! It doesn't seem like a lot until you put it all together.  I decided garment sewing is not for me (you couldn't tell by the amount of non-quilting fabric I had) and gave most of the fabric  away.  I was so happy to see two 30 gallon bags, a boxfull and even a couple of bolts leave my house.  Mostly flannels, knits, sheers and other "I don't know what it is or why I bought it" fabric.
I'm sure there will be more fabric leaving my house, this is so liberating.  It lightens my mood, the burden of having too much and it will be easier and faster to organize my new sewing room.  I've also decided not to include this lot in my stash report, it seems to me I bought maybe half of it at least a couple of years ago and beyond, but I'm sure the other half  was given to me.  Just the fact that this much left my house is in my book a winning situation.
I am not taking an hour or so (until the stores open, I have storage units to buy) to browse other quilting blogs over at Judy's   and see what other's have been up to this week.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Stash Report September 12th, 2010

Fabric added August: 1 1/2 yards
Fabric added YTD: 148 1/2 yards
Fabric used August: 3 yards
Fabric used YTD: 94 yards
Net used for 2010: -49 yards.

I've been MIA (here is an explanation) for a few weeks, last time I sewed anything was back at the beginning of August.  Used 1  1/2 yards for borders on my little sister's quilt.

And another 1 1/2 yards for the New Year's Eve mystery top from this post . Yesterday,  I finally attended a sewing get-together with the ladies from my Saturday Quilting group and managed to get the mystery top layered and ready to be machine quilted.  I hope to get back to sewing soon.

The summer to remember

I usually try to keep my personal life, well, personal.  No other reason than  it's in my nature to keep things to myself.  These two last months, however, have affected me to the extend that the one thing, sewing/quilting, that keeps me motivated and with a positive outlook despite all the everyday situations and happenings has NOT been what it has always been to me.  I've found myself starting at piles of fabric, magazines, boxes of thread, notions and such items without being able to summon a desire to touch them.
It all started in the middle of July, when my brother passed away. It was sudden and unexpected, but not surprising.  His body gave up after years of damage from substances abuse.  Losing family in this way, gives one a pause to reflect on our own life and priorities.  A couple of  weeks later, my eldest sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. This is the second sister out of 7 of us that has to fight this disease.  I'm fearful and apprehensive for her because I know the struggle and pain she is to face in the months ahead.
At about the same time, my  daughter and grandchild moved out.  The circumstances or rather the reason why they left was hurtful, but as a parent, I understand that she is trying to find her life's path and as she put it "live without crutches" and "do what's best for my child". My household is suddenly very quiet and even though  I now have a spare room  that can be turned into a nice cozy sewing room, I resent how it became available and I can't summon the energy to take to the task.

Finally, my job is on the last stages of relocating operations to a new facility 70 miles away.  I'm weighting all of my options and trying to decide if I will be commuting to work or not.  I currently live 10 miles from the office and this has allowed me to be available for babysitting the little peanut, and to be able to take care of family while earning an income.  An hour commute each way would change all that and I don't know if I'm willing to do it. But, am  I willing to lose the income, benefits and satisfaction drawn from this job? I have to make a decision soon.
I've always believe that God doesn't give us burdens we can't carry and wholeheartedly believe that everything happens for a reason and at the time it needs to be, as well as there is always calm at the end of the storm.  I just need to be more at peace with the things I can't change or control and trust that all will be well in God's hands. It all will be well.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Quiltathon & Sunday Stash Report August 8th 2010

Fabric added this week:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  147 yards
Fabric used this week:  4 1/2 yards -  (3 1/2 for June mystery backing, 1 yard for Planet Patchwork mystery border)
Fabric used YTD:  91 yards
Net used for 2010:  -52 yards

A productive week (mostly weekend) for me.  Started by cutting into a cute little birthday cake.  I loved the candles my daughter choose, it's my exact sentiment when I'm asked how old I am.
My birthday present  arrived Friday afternoon, just in time to start the Quiltathon.  The sewing table, not the machine. :-)  The custom insert will ship in the next three weeks.
Sewing from Friday afternoon until Saturday evening yielded 50 16- patch blocks made from 2" scrappy squares.  These squares are cut as I come across scraps and they been accumulating for a while. It was the perfect project since I just wanted to sew.

By Saturday evening, I was tired of these scraps and a little frustrated since by this time I kept coming across the same prints.  Time to work on something different.  My Planet patchwork top was nearby.... Two borders with cornerstones were added.
Once this top was completed, I decided to prep the backing for the June mystery from Judy at patchworktimes . I used two 64 inch panels to get a 64" x 84" piece. 
I'm a little tired, but I had lost of fun!.  Now to go and find a suitable backing fabric for the Planet Patchwork top and take a batting inventory, if I have big enough pieces I might get these two tops sandwiched soon. Maybe in time  for next Sunday's stash report.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sunday Stash Report August 01, 2010

Fabric added this week:  4 yards
Fabric added YTD:  147 yards
Fabric used this week:  4 yards
Fabric used YTD:  86.5 yards
Net used for 2010:  -56.5 yards
I didn't quite reach my goal from last Sunday. I wanted to finish the Planet Patchwork Lucky stars mystery top, but I still need to add the borders. 

My little peanut likes it!  She kept seating on top of it when I was trying to get it flat on the floor for a photo session.
My sister made 3 more tote bags.  This one is from a big commercial pattern maker, (It reminded me how much I dislike them) Good thing it was bought on sale for $1.99.  It definitely is not worth more than that.
It doesn't help when your "student" refuses to follow instructions.  She says "I'm creative and I need to do things my way" and I said: " Sure, creativity is great and a wonderful talent, I wish I had more of it, but good workmanship is just as important".  I feel that good pressing, straight seams and using the right tools makes a better finished product and ultimately a happier "artist" but she didn't agree.  I guess I need to be more tolerant and accepting, so I did my best and gave her space and my blessings to do as she pleased.  I have to admit, she did a good job with her totes.
She is happy! And so am I.  Some of the older fabric left my stash, my sister found out that when she says to me: "please hem my pants, all you have to do is tuck and sew here" I feel just as pressured and forced to do something against my will as she did when she refused to measure, mark, and otherwise follow any directions or instructions.  LOL!
Overall, it was a great week, next week can only be better. 

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday stash report - July 25th 2010

Fabric added last two weeks: 0 yards
Fabric added YTD: 143 yards
Fabric used last two weeks: 9.5 yards mystery, 1.5 yards tote bag.
Fabric used YTD: 86.5 yards
Net used for 2010: -56.5 yards

I saved the clues from last Sunday's Planet Patchwork mystery and have been working on it this week. These are the fabrics I'm using.
This is one of the blocks, I love it!. The little star is adorable!.
The mystery is a double Irish chain with the stars placed in the traditional blank area. The pattern calls for 15 blocks in a 3 x 5 block arrangement. I tend to like bigger quilts and I have enough fabric to double the blocks for a 5 x 6 block setting, so I worked every evening on the extra blocks and all 3o are now done. I plan to finish the top including borders in time for next Sunday's report.
My youngest sister is visiting again this summer, she usually asks me to sew for her, but this time she asked if I can teach her to make tote bags. This is great! I love it when someone shows interest in anything related to fabric and sewing. The best part? Stash usage!.
This is the first tote bags she made.
I am trilled that someone in the family is showing interest in sewing and is helping me use my stash, although... there are some fleeing moments where the little ugly hobbit in me wants to say: "NOOO, you can't have my prettiest, precious fabric". Then the voice of reason (and maybe a scheming hobbit) says "There is more and prettier fabric at the store". I wonder where I would be in the near future?. LOL

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Stash Report - July 11th 2010

Fabric added this week: 0 yards
Fabric added YTD: 143 yards
Fabric used last week: 9.5 yards
Fabric used YTD: 75.5 yards
Net used for 2010: -67.5 yards

Wow! I kept my goal of getting caught up with Judy's June Mystery . When I started to put clue #5 together I was a little disappointed on my choice of fabrics, there is not enough contrast in the two pinks, but it was looking better and better as I went along, I actually like it a lot!.
Most evenings this week, I worked on getting all my blocks finished, it's surprising how pretty the pink and orange combo look together. Saturday was spent sewing the blocks together into a top.I was so excited about my progress that I kept going well past midnight last night. All three borders were added last night and the top is done!.
There is enough fabric left to make a second top, but I want to change the orange to be the medium accent and a hot pink to be the dark accent. More fun for me this week!.