Sunday, October 10, 2010

Coming up for air

What a couple of weeks! Again, no stash usage to report,  I'm still working on getting the stash organized and confined to the new sewing room.

( It's a little slow going as we officially moved to the new facility at work and the commute  now takes an additional 3 hours of my time).  I keep finding boxes and bags with more fabric! sometimes duplicate cuts of the same fabric, I must of really liked it ;-). 

The positive side?  I'm figuring out what colors I have excess of, what colors need to be replenished and most importantly what fabric I no longer love or want.  This is very liberating,  even the magazine stash is getting an overhaul.  I've kept every issue of three different quilting magazines from as early as 2004, I think I want to keep 2 previous years and current issues (2008, 2009 and 2010), then I would be removing the oldest issue as soon as a new one comes in the mail, seems like a good plan to keep the magazine stash fresh and fitting  in their new allotted space.  I've also been trying to decide on a theme or color scheme, I want to make covers for (3) sewing machines and the serger, a table mat for each, a couple of thread catchers, valances for the window and seat covers or cushion for two chairs.  But why restrict myself to a color or theme?  I'll work in an assembly line and make a set for each holiday!  After all, I have enough fabric. LOL. 
Sounds like a good plan, It will help change the no stash used tune I've been singing for a while now.
For now, I'm taking an hour or so  to browse other quilting blogs over at Judy's   and see what other's have been up to this week.


SpinningStar said...

Yikes...I have a bigger stash of magazines than you do. Each year, I say I am going to thin out and keep them to one shelf, but then the oldies end up in a pile for one more look through! And of course, I pull out pictures, instructions, ideas so I now have another organizing problem.

Good luck on your continued organizing of the stash. Liz

Jamie in Louisiana said...

Wow - 3 hour commute! Your stash is so nice and neat, so it won't be long before you will be busting through the yardage.

Charlene S said...

I keep current year and go through other taking out patterns I really like and recycling the rest. One day I will organize my stash like yours but then DD could come shopping too easily. I love your idea of seasonal decor for the sewing room. Now I don't feel so bad having three machines set up.

katie z. said...

I'm impressed that you're planning how to keep everything fitting in the allotted space!