Saturday, March 21, 2009

Stash Report Week 11 & 12

Let's get the stash report out of the way. Nothing in, nothing out.

We had the Pomona-quilt-craft-sewing-festival this weekend, I wasn't too excited about attending nor wanted or needed to shop for anything. Besides, I'm committed to using my stash and don't really need anything at the moment (Isn't this so mature of me?!). Maybe I am just too busy and I can't spare the time or energy to shop. A few weeks ago, I began a second job babysitting, which combined with my regular job and driving teenagers to and from school, takes most of my awake hours. Not a complain by any means, the baby is a joy to watch and very entertaining, but, she is only 7 weeks old and requires constant attention. Needless to say, the sewing goes to the back burner. I am glad for my Saturday quilting class though, that is where I spent the last two Saturday's completing my step four in Judy's quilt-along. Here is my top so far:
And a close up of a block.
Here is one of the corners.
Since I am waiting for the next step to be released later this week, I will work on my Double delight's borders , my stash challenge blocks, and my sister's string block bag that should've been her Christmas, then her Birthday and now Mother's Day present. Hurray for a quilty Sunday!.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Report Week 10

I have nothing to report for this week, did not add any fabric or used any of it. Maybe I am approaching it the wrong way. I had plans to report fabric usage as soon as a project was completed, but here I am at week 10 and still not much is finished. A few on-going projects, but nothing really done 100%. Perhaps I should start counting as soon as the fabric is cut instead. A decision to be made for sure.

In the meantime, I worked on Judy's Quilting along and completed my 12 bear's paw blocks. Here are a couple of pictures where I was considering the sashing fabric. I originally had selected this light brown , but it made the block look dull

Here, too much pink...... I changed fabrics many times, but this was my final selection and layout. my brain just did not want to work on getting the stripes orientation correct, it took lots, lots, lots, and I mean lots of unsewn stitches to get them going the same way. It was just not working, then when I was almost cramping from holding the seam ripper so much, I realized that all I needed was mirror images.
My daughter thinks the blocks look Christmas-ssy,they look more box-y to me but I am happy how they turned out.

I also worked on a few blocks for the Stash Project . This one is going slower but I am getting them done.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Stash Report Week 8 & 9

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yardsFabric
Added Year to Date: 75 yardsFabric

Used this Week: 0 yardsFabric
Used Year to Date: 10 yards

The last two weeks have been disastrous and unproductive for sewing and stash busting, there has just not been anytime to sew or do anything related until yesterday. I took my quilting-along fabric to Saturday's class and managed to cut and sew the required 192 half square triangles for step two. I'll work on trimming them to size tomorrow.

Even though my quilting has been almost non-existent, I am here commiting to also work on Judy's stash project This morning before the household woke up, I squeezed a couple of hours to work on cutting some scraps for it.

So far, I have 9 sets each of lights and darks. The second fabric on the top left is questianable, it is not quite a light nor a dark. I may have to replace it, but so far I am happy with my selections.

It's been two long weeks and I am ready to get re-acquainted with my quilting. I am looking forward to a productive week.