Sunday, February 15, 2009

Self-discovery & Stash Report Week 7

Fabric Added this Week: 0 yards Fabric
Added Year to Date: 75 yards Fabric

Used this Week: 0 yards Fabric
Used Year to Date: 10 yards

Nothing added, nothing used. I have just begun to feel normal again after almost two weeks of fighting the chest congestion and the subsequential lingering cough. I did finish the Double Delight top, however, I won't count the yardage used on this project until I get borders, backing and binding added to it.

On Self- Discovery:

There is a point on your life when you discover something about yourself that makes you pause and you have to take a few moments to accept the ugly truth. I came to this point a couple of days ago when I realized that I AM NOT A STRIPES LOVER AND DON'T OWN ANY SUBSTANTIAL STRIPE YARDAGE!

It all began when I started searching for the fabric that would allow me to participate in Judy's Quilt along. I need two yards of a focus stripe fabric, OK it should be easy enough, after all, I have hundreds of yards of fabric all around the house. I started with the under-the-bed containers, a wonderful visit getting re-acquainted with the fabrics living there, however, not a stripe in sight. Not to worry, the boxes in the master bedroom closet would yield the needed piece.

Well..... better starting looking in the boxes on the laundry room shelves, what? none here either? I must of segregated them in a special place last time I "organized" the stash. All right then, let's see: Dinning room buffet cabinet, hall closet, daughter's bedroom closet, son's bedroom closet, car trunk, the ottoman in front of my sofa, OMG! I don't have any stripes! Is it possible?, I don't particularly make it a point not to buy them, I actually like them and have used them in some projects, but really? I don't have any? What in the world?????? There were a few scraps from older projects, a few fat quarters, even 4 or 5 diagonal stripe pieces, but no substantial strippy yardage? Come on, not even one stripe on those last 70+ yards purchased at the beginning of the year? That's when I sat on the couch, stared at the wall for a loooong time and began to accept this shameful truth.

After a few minutes of self consoling and reassuring, I remembered! Someone had (a couple of years ago) gifted me with a stripe fabric, which fabric storage place was holding it hostage? Ahhh! Here it was, under the spare desk in my daughter's closet, stored in a box of non-quilting fabric, wrapped inside a plastic shopping bag and keeping company with coordinating fabrics. Yeah! I don't have to buy any fabric!

Unfortunately, I still have to deal with my lack of love for stripes, is it possible for a stash to trive without them? What's keeping me from adding them to my collection? Is it fear?.. I don't know, I supposed I have more self-truths to discover.

In the meantime, I am ready to start the quilt along, let the fun begin.

PS. Someone asked about the burp cloths I made last week, the pattern is from Simplicity #2924. I am pretty much a blog newbie and I don't know how to deal with or respond to comments.


Lori in South Dakota said...

I am not a stripe lover either. I look at my stash and its tone on tone fabrics. I have been digging for a stripe, and may have to rethink, the one I chose has a stripe that's too big. rats!

katie z said...

I have only one stripe, purchased for my DH, and I haven't used it yet, so I'm with you and your self-discovery! My stash doesn't seem to be aching for any, though, since I too am a tone-on-tone girl. That's just what I like.

sbartee said...

I'm lol but at myself I see myself in your post. But so far all my stash is in 1 my sewing room 2 spare bedroom and 3 garage. Not so many places to search. Oh I forgot 4 the outside storage building.SBartee