Monday, March 9, 2009

Report Week 10

I have nothing to report for this week, did not add any fabric or used any of it. Maybe I am approaching it the wrong way. I had plans to report fabric usage as soon as a project was completed, but here I am at week 10 and still not much is finished. A few on-going projects, but nothing really done 100%. Perhaps I should start counting as soon as the fabric is cut instead. A decision to be made for sure.

In the meantime, I worked on Judy's Quilting along and completed my 12 bear's paw blocks. Here are a couple of pictures where I was considering the sashing fabric. I originally had selected this light brown , but it made the block look dull

Here, too much pink...... I changed fabrics many times, but this was my final selection and layout. my brain just did not want to work on getting the stripes orientation correct, it took lots, lots, lots, and I mean lots of unsewn stitches to get them going the same way. It was just not working, then when I was almost cramping from holding the seam ripper so much, I realized that all I needed was mirror images.
My daughter thinks the blocks look Christmas-ssy,they look more box-y to me but I am happy how they turned out.

I also worked on a few blocks for the Stash Project . This one is going slower but I am getting them done.


Brenda said...

I like the bear paws blks. I really like the green sashing the best, it doesn't say 'Christmas' to me, but I could see how it could. It is looking good, so all your frog-sewing (rip-it, rip-it) has been for a good cause!!
And I could not believe how fast the 'mystery' Judy did with the Stash project you posted are to do!! I was planning on doing it, so yesterday when someone said it works up fast, I thought I would cut some material for it, well, I have managed to get all the drk. blks done and got the first step for the light ones started last night!!! It does work up fast!! And being all stash, with no thought involved, it's kinda fun!! You have two great projects here. Keep up the good work!!

Scrappy-Quilter said...

I like the green best - your fabrics are so nice. I finished sewing my Quilt-along blocks yesterday.

Kare said...

Your Bears in the Farmhouse Quilt is going to be gorgeous - the green was a great choice!

Kucki68 said...

Both the paws and the stash project look very nice!