Sunday, November 7, 2010

Sunday Stash Report November 7th 2010

Fabric Added this week:  3 1/2  yards
Fabric Added YTD:  152 yards
Fabric Used this week:  6 yards - Patchworktimes Connect the dots Mystery
Fabric Used YTD:  102 1/2 yards
Net Used for 2010:  -40 1/2 yards

This week was somewhat slow in the sewing room, I sewed the binding on the Mystery quilt, all it's left to do is hand sew the binding to the back and bury my quilting threads.
Even though I'm still working on getting the blocks finished, I'm counting 6 yards of fabric used since I already cut all the fabric for the Connect the dots mystery top
 I'm still considering what borders I would make for this top as the fabric I used may not be enough for Judy's pieced borders, but I may have enough for a border or two. 
The plan for today is to make an apron and a couple of pillowcases for a co-worker's belated birthday present; then the rest of the week will be dedicated to finishing my mystery blocks.  I'm also looking forward to getting enough time to pull fabrics for Bonnie's New mystery roll roll-cotton boll ,  it begins on Nov 19th and I'm very excited and eager to get started.  I'm also looking forward to Ann Smith's New Year's mystery; however, the fabric requirements have not been posted yet.  It's two months away, but I intent to be prepared for it.  I love quilting pattern mysteries!

Ooops, I almost forgot about the new stash fabric, just a few remnant pieces I picked up at Joann's last weekend.
 These pieces are intended for scrap quilting as they range from 10 in to half a yard in size. Just following Bonnie's advise, "Add new things to the old things to spice up the old if you need to".  There really wasn't a need, but it's fun.

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Judy D said...

Your quilts are fabulous! Isn't it great when you use more than you bring in!! I want to do Connect the Dots after seeing 2 being worked on and I love the fabrics you use in yours!! Would you mind sending me the link for the New Year's Mystery..