Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sunday stash report - July 25th 2010

Fabric added last two weeks: 0 yards
Fabric added YTD: 143 yards
Fabric used last two weeks: 9.5 yards mystery, 1.5 yards tote bag.
Fabric used YTD: 86.5 yards
Net used for 2010: -56.5 yards

I saved the clues from last Sunday's Planet Patchwork mystery and have been working on it this week. These are the fabrics I'm using.
This is one of the blocks, I love it!. The little star is adorable!.
The mystery is a double Irish chain with the stars placed in the traditional blank area. The pattern calls for 15 blocks in a 3 x 5 block arrangement. I tend to like bigger quilts and I have enough fabric to double the blocks for a 5 x 6 block setting, so I worked every evening on the extra blocks and all 3o are now done. I plan to finish the top including borders in time for next Sunday's report.
My youngest sister is visiting again this summer, she usually asks me to sew for her, but this time she asked if I can teach her to make tote bags. This is great! I love it when someone shows interest in anything related to fabric and sewing. The best part? Stash usage!.
This is the first tote bags she made.
I am trilled that someone in the family is showing interest in sewing and is helping me use my stash, although... there are some fleeing moments where the little ugly hobbit in me wants to say: "NOOO, you can't have my prettiest, precious fabric". Then the voice of reason (and maybe a scheming hobbit) says "There is more and prettier fabric at the store". I wonder where I would be in the near future?. LOL

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Charlene S said...

My hobbit wants them to take as much as they will use to make what they want and enough to make me one of whatever it is! But the boys would not use my stash for their quilt tops or backs. Maybe I will get the girls to quilt next. Think postive...this week you had a reduction. One day and one week and one year at a time. LOL ;)