Saturday, December 18, 2010

2011 UFO Challenge

Judy is hosting a UFO challenge for the new year, I'm in! While trying to get a list going, I realized that I don't have that many unfinished projects, what I do have is unfinished quilts. My count is 12 tops and 7 UFO's.  Planned, some day and on the wish list projects, well, that's a whole other challenge all together.  Anyhow, I plan on listing both types to work on, if a number without a project is chosen by Judy, then I'll have green light to start a new project, I have to get that UFO list started for the following year, right?  LOL.  
  Here is my list of unfinished quilts:
1. Blue & Green jewel box
2.  scrappy double four patch
3.  Purple nine patch
4.  Ann Smith summer mystery
5. Double delight 
6.  Bears in the farm house
 7. Fat quarter quilt 
 8.  scrappy stars
9.  June mystery 
10.  Planet patchwork mystery 
11. Little sister quilt 
12. Judy's mystery

For the UFO's, I'll have to dig in boxes to find them and take pictures. I should have it done before the new year.


Kathie said...

What a great variety of quilts to work on.

Jamie in Louisiana said...

All of them are lovely! I am scared to start digging in my closet -- no telling what is in there.

Tamera said...

You've got some great quilts to finish up there!

I LOVE the Scrappy Stars!

Rabid Quilter said...

Love these tops! I also have a ton of tops for my UFO challenge. Do you hate to pin quilts too, like I do?

Dionne said...

What a great list! I just joined the challenge and I'm looking forward to following along with everyone's challenge.

Alycia said...

Those are gorgeous!!