Sunday, October 11, 2009

Stash Report Week 41

Fabric Added week 41: 10 1/2 yards
Fabric Added Year to Date: 83 yards
Fabric Used week 41: 0 yards
Fabric Used Year to Date: 73 5/8 yards

Well, retail therapy has somewhat helped with my funky mood, I bought 8 light brown/tan FQ's , a white & black FQ bundle (5 pieces), a dark blue FQ and 4 different fabrics in yardage for a total of 10 1/2 yards.
The new fabric stayed on the dinning room table while I worked on my summer mystery. I was motivated to try and finish the top so I can start something new soon. Five completed blocks, 7 more to go, they are almost done as they only need one last row sewn on. I have also been playing with my doodling with the intent of using this design on free motion machine quilting. So far, it's going good on paper, I just don't feel confident enough to try it on a quilt.
While I was relocating some of my storage boxes last weekend, I found a candlewick project I had started and abandoned last summer. These stitches are my inspiration for the doodling.

By the way, I received two of these candlewick kits as a gift from my sister in law a few years ago, I've never heard of this type of embroidery and the kit looked like fun. I tried crossstiching in the past (without success), this looked easier so I started them. Not too bad for my first try, but again, a couple more of unfinished projects. What else is new? At least I'm sewing again.


spinningstar said...

It's fun to be sewing again isn't it. Your purchases are wonderful stash builders - good mixers, can be used in many quilts.

About 9 years ago, I bought a bunch of different embroidery kits while on a trip (the gift stores always had small kits relating to waht we were visiting and we could not always find a fabric store while on such a "short leash" by the tour guide). My sister & I are still working on these projects and someday we'll both make a wall hanging with these small needlework projects included.

Are you going to try to combine the candlewick in a quilt?


Lori in South Dakota said...

sometimes retail therapy kickstarts the inspiration mode!

Dianne B. in England said...

What lovely photos to see this morning! You've got me all inspired to get busy sewing today! :)