Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Stash report - April 11th 2010

Fabric Added last two weeks: 1/2 yard
Fabric Added YTD: 93 yards
Fabric Used last two weeks: 1 yard
Fabric Used YTD: 53 1/2 yards
Net used for 2010: -40 1/2 yards

I had my baby sister and her three children stay with us for spring break, my quilting was kept to a minimum this last two weeks. I love my family to pieces, but after a week of a full house, it's wonderful to see them go home!. I did finish quilting my over the line quilt, I used slightly less than a yard for the binding, got it sewed on and I've hand sewn two sides. My intention is to get it finished today, wash & dry the quilt and get it to it's new home by tomorrow. I'm confident it will be accomplished as we have a small road trip planned later today, that should give me a couple of hours to work on it while in the car. I also have a couple of weeks of blog reading to get caught up with, so I'm getting another cup of coffee and on my way to Judy's blog for a boost of inspiration.

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