Sunday, February 13, 2011

Her Name is Violet

Fabric added this week:  1 yard - Mail order
Fabric added YTD:  3 yards
Fabric used this week:  8 yards
Fabric used YTD:  22 yards
Net used for 2011:  19 yards

What is that phrase? "Best laid plans..."  I received the "baby shower is cancelled" call early last week, my grand-niece decided to come to this world early and her and her mom will most likely not be at their best on Saturday.  When I heard the baby's name is Violet, I couldn't resist changing my plans. Instead of making a baby quilt using a panel,  I would get to participate on Judy's Monochromatic challenge and have the most appropriate quilt for little miss Violet, perfect!.  I used  Eleanor's Burns Cornerstones pattern from the book Still stripping and managed to make two tops:
Here is one block:
I made the two tops just because I could, the pattern fabric requirements are too generous and there was enough material to piece two tops, I added a little bit more for the background, borders and binding.   5 1/2 yards of fabric out of the stash and more to come out when I decide what to use for the backing. 

But before all of this excitement, I was working on my NYE mystery top and it was at this stage by Sunday night
A framing border with cornerstones and a final border were added yesterday for an additional usage of 2 1/2 yards,
The feeling of accomplishment is a great motivator and  I decided to keep at it and also prepared binding for all three tops, pink for the mystery and white for the two baby quilts

I also selected a backing for February's UFO challenge, but I did not include the yardage yet as I did not get to sew the two pieces together.  I'm so thrilled with the stash busting as well with the production level this week, I hope to keep it up and have finished items on my next report.  I'm even posting a little earlier than usual, I'm eager to get back to my sewing room! LOL.  Of course, not before a couple of cups of coffee and some Stash reports reading.

PS. That one yard?  I wanted to try mail ordering fabric as I never done it before,  the quality is not what I was expecting, I'm a little dissapointed...


Vicky said...

I hate that you don't like the mail order yardage. I always go with brands and designers I know when ordering online. No surprises that way! Love your baby quilts!

Diana said...

The baby quilt is perfect! I am making a violet baby quilt as well. Mine is a trip around the world pattern. Great stash report!

Tamera said...

Wow! You've been really busy.

Jo said...

You've been super busy. I love the pink and green.... said...

What a super week you've had! The baby quilt tops are so perfect for baby Violet and the violet challenge, and your pink quilt is gorgeous, too! :) Take care, Dianne B. in England

Connie said...

I love the colors in your NYE mystery. It turned out great.
The baby quilts turned out beautiful. How special for your new great-niece.

Connie in VA

Alycia said...

Sorry about the mail order fabric, I find it hard to feel things thru the internet.

Adorable Voilet quilt - and so perfect!!!

Lori said...

You've done so much!! Stop and have your coffee and snack, and maybe oil your fingers!

Mail order, its not so bad when I *know* exactly what I'm ordering. Otherwise, I like to fondle the fabrics before I buy!