Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Stash Report - March 20th 2011

Fabric added last 2 weeks:  0 yards
Fabric added YTD:  3 yards
Fabric used last 2 weeks:  1/4 yard
Fabric used YTD:   24 1/4 yards
Net used for 2011:  21 1/4

Again my favorite song: " no time to sew", my activities in the sewing room have been sporadic and whatever I managed to do; was done in the span of two weeks.    I worked on and off on the UFO #6B (from January) blocks, they are all done and waiting to be sewn into a top.  The violet baby quilt was finished with a meandering FMQ and a machine finished binding, even a label was made with my machine's font stitches.
The 1/4 yard was actually a fat quarter used to line a crocheted purse I made a couple of years ago. 

 The best part? It's brown!, I'm counting it against this month's Monochromatic Challenge.  I couldn't decide on which fabric to use, the indecision only lasted a few seconds and I settled on the one at the right
It was such a quick and easy task, I went "designer" and added a magnetic snap closure, LOL.  Anything to be in the sewing room if only for 20 minutes.
We had the yearly Quilt, Craft & Sewing Festival in Pomona, CA last Saturday; I attended with a couple of friends and we had a blast.  Surprisingly, I wasn't tempted by any fabric or gadgets but was very intrigued by a pattern for a machine sewn faux Cathedral windows wall hanging.  I'll show a picture as soon as I get a new camera, (I had it all charged and ready for the festival but decided to drop it on the floor with the lens opened).

There is still hope for some sewing time this coming week; maybe work on this month's UFO challenge?  or last month's for that matter... sigh.  At least I get to see and enjoy other quilter's doings, I'm up for another cup of coffee and some reading.


katie z. said...

I love the brown fabric for the purse!

ANudge said...

What a neat way to finish the monochromatic challenge! Love it.

I'm in the same boat with you on the ufo challenge, only got the first one done - but hope to get back to them soon.

Cheryl Willis said...

way to get your goals met! nice piece

Marg said...

I like the lining you used to line the purse. I really like the purse too.