Sunday, October 9, 2011

No Stash Report

I haven't done a stash report in several weeks, the reason? My daughter and granddaughter are living with us again. I gave up my 10' x 12' sewing room to them.  I now have a 60" wide corner in the living room as my sewing area
Instead of working on projects, I'm working on reducing the quilting supplies but most importantly, I'm working on adjusting to all the changes and challenges of having more people living with me.
The only sewing done around here has been done during the Saturday Quilting group, I've been piecing a double irish chain in pink and white, I just haven't taken pictures or thought about how much fabric has been used, maybe it will be back to normal in the next week or so.
I have been keeping up with other stash reports and I'm looking forward to reading today's, I'm heading over to Judy's  Patchworktimes blog as soon as I hit the publish button!.

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Melanie said...

Good luck with the adjustments to your sewing space! I have to use a small section of our home's basement for my sewing space, so I know it can be hard to work in such a small space...