Sunday, January 3, 2010

Fresh Start - Stash Report

I lost track of the stash report a few months ago and do not know what my ending numbers are, I do know 2009 was not such a productive year on the quilting front as it could of been, but 2010 promises to be better. There's lots of inspiration and support on blogland, with this amazing group's influence and challenge, I'll continue to keep working on using my stash, be more selective on my purchases and work on projects I really enjoy.

Speaking of joy, I was very excited to participate on Ann Smith's New Year's Eve mystery, I had selected my fabrics in early December and was eager to get started. There were, however, some "forgotten" blocks from last summer's mystery hanging around in a pizza box, how could I start a new mystery when the previous one was still unfinished? I challenged myself to finish the summer mystery or I wouldn't start the new one. Here is the finished top Here it is with borders on, it is big about 85" x 104" and I love it! The best part? I could now start on the new mystery!

I made over 600 of these half square triangles, somehow my math failed me and I was short a few, had to piece scraps of the brown fabric to complete my planned blocks. (I later found the stack of "unmade" patches under the sewing machine).
Here is what a few blocks look like:
And a set of 9 blocks.
The design is beautiful and I'm very pleased with it. Managed to complete 42 blocks and will be putting them together this coming week.
As for the stash report, I did buy fabric yesterday, there was a clearance sale and scored 6 yards of 110" backing fabric for $3.00 a yard, couldn't pass it up. I'm giving myself this week to get a good tracking system established, I should have my starting numbers by next weekend. In the meantime, I'll be working on my mystery blocks and have them become a wonderful quilt top.


Tamera said...

LOVE it! Love the colors!

Miss Deb said...

I love the star quilt. Could I get the pattern from you? I looked for it on Ann's site but it has been taken off. I think it would be perfect for a pre teen fosterchild.

Let me know,


Sheila said...

Your mystery quilts look great, Isabel. I didn't remember the summer one looking as great as you made it!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I love the stars! Do you have a pattern??

Teri in Oklahoma said...

Gorgeous star quilt. Is the pattern a published pattern? If so, do you have a link to the site?